Business Owners

TEAM Partners understands that for many business owners selling their company or bringing in outside capital is one of the most important business decisions to make. We work with business owners to develop a transaction that best meets their objectives. Many businesses in which we invest are family-owned or operated by the owner.  TEAM has significant experience in addressing the unique needs and desires created in these ownership situations.  We do not apply a standard approach to every company.  In some cases, business owners continue to lead the company after a sale.  In other instances, business owners transition out at closing or shortly thereafter.  We are flexible and can work through an appropriate transition plan to develop the right scenario for all parties.

Transaction Structures

Most of our transactions can be categorized into one of the following types:

  • Buyout - a buyout provides capital to acquire a business or division of a larger company
  • Recapitalization - a recapitalization gives the business owner partial liquidity while retaining a meaningful ownership stake
  • Buy-and-build - this structure provides a company with capital to accelerate growth through organic efforts as well as add-on acquisitions (typically operates within a fragmented industry)
  • Structured minority investment - this type of investment allows the owner to maintain control while receiving access to capital and resources from TEAM.

TEAM does not look to run the business on a day-to-day basis after closing of the transaction.  Rather, we back and support management to lead the business.  We work with management to build a strategic investment plan and provide resources and support to help the company reach its full potential.  TEAM has an extensive network of relationships that can serve as resources to its portfolio companies.

Key tenets to our investment approach:

  • Align incentives between shareholders and management in the form of meaningful participation in the success of the investment
  • Foster a culture of open communication and prompt-decision making
  • Understand each company thoroughly so that we can be value-add partners to management and provide resources to accelerate growth
  • Implement a capital structure that provides flexibility to support growth and allows the company to navigate through any uncertainties that may be encountered
  • Create a cohesive team focused long-term value creation
  • Maintain a flexible and integrity-based investment approach